Same destination, different journey

Most of us motorcyclists both drive a car and ride a motorcycle so have some perspective when it comes to travel. There are the obvious differences in the 2 modes of transport: number of wheels, size, comforts etc. In every case the car is likely to be the more practical and safer option. So then, why do we ride? What makes it so special and unique? What pulls certain individuals towards 2 wheels?

The destination may be the same but the journey is incomparable. I believe the answer resides here. Take 2 people, put one in a car and put the other on a motorcycle. When they arrive, the experience each of them describe would likely be quite contrasting. The rider, would be much more in touch with the environment and path. 

There is something definitely magical about riding through a space. Any true rider understands what I mean. I have come to realise it lies within the fact that when you ride, you are immersed in the moment and place. The smells, the atmosphere, the light and the sounds are all playing with our senses. In a car, you merely look through a window, you are detached from the outside. A rider truly experiences the journey, there is no outside or inside, you are part of it. 

The horse and cart, which do you choose? 


Photo: @owen_howells


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