Essence Motorcycles is changing the way we look at motorcycles!

The 'E-Raw' is something special. Over the last decade, electric motorcycles have been becoming a more appealing and realistic option for bikers. With today's society becoming more aware of the environmental impact of our actions, this beautiful bike is providing a tempting alternative. You can thank Essence Motorcycles out of France for bringing this into our world.

Electric Motorcycle

The seat is something to behold and  in our humble opinion, serves as the centre piece of this motorcycle. It gently reminds us that this is indeed the future of motorcycling by leaving us with the familiar silhouette of a fuel tank, all in wood! The elegant space frame and machined swing arm look awesome. For the team here, we think this is the most beautiful electric bike to date. It looks sleek and the design is what separates it from the crowd.

Essence Motorcycles

In terms of performance, the E-Raw shines also. 0 - 100km/h in 3.5 seconds is on par with some of the most powerful vehicles on the planet. We would assume that drag racing this bike continuously would drain the battery quite quickly but the quoted range is 115 miles with a fast charge time of only 30 minutes. The bike is still a concept but it is stirring up the motorcycling world quite a bit. At an estimated $60,000, Essence Motorcycles plans to do a limited run so keep a look out!

Electric Bike

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