"Kimera" by South Garage Motor Co.

We stumbled across this amazing work of art earlier this year and thought it would be a good place to kick things off. We introduce the "Kimera" by South Garage Motor Co. based out of Milan, Italy. The base model was a Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster but as you can see from the images, there is little remaining of the original. 

The bike has been stripped down and modified beyond recognition. However, a look at the heart of the motorcycle reveals that it maintains the loud and rumbling beat that HD are known for.

Overall, the craftsmanship and attention to detail is clearly evident. Have a look at the exhaust system for example, the 2 into 1 set up is beautifully welded at every point. Each runner and and pipe has at least a dozen welds that all come together at the shorty exhaust which we imagine would sound beastly as it expels Kimera's breath. 

Ohlins suspension front and rear. Custom touches and details pop out no matter where you look at this bike. The lines of the leather seat and tail meet at the stubby tail to cleanly close up the rear end. The maroon and brushed silver combination that adorns this piece adds character and sophistication also. 

Anyway, take a close look at the pictures, then take another closer look to notice the full extent of what these talented builders have created. More pics directly from the guys here.

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