Our Story

Conceived in 2010, we are a young brand that strives to produce high quality motorcycle gear. Our aim is to continually push ourselves to develop and shift our motorcycle apparel to a higher level. We found that the offerings on the market were not what we wanted to wear ourselves. Massive logos and generic styles. Some other more subtle designs looked good but did not fulfil the primary function of protecting riders. We wanted to make top quality garments that were actually suitable for riding as well as look great.

Growing up as passionate motorcyclists, we have collected a vast amount of experience both as a rider and a consumer. We have trialled many styles of riding and brands of gear. We have been able to determine what we prefer in terms of functionality, quality, style, and of course safety. With this in mind, in conjunction with our design and engineering background, we decided to have a go at making garments that we wished were available.

Safety could never be compromised. After all, motorcycling is inherently dangerous. We had to create garments for a specific purpose. We have engineered our goods to utilise only the best materials and techniques for performance and safety. Kangaroo leather, Knox armour and other technical fabrics are used throughout our products. Further details can be found here.

We travelled to all over the world in search of suitable suppliers. Pakistan, Vietnam, China and Europe were the main destinations. They varied greatly in terms of capability, cost and primarily vision. Most manufacturers aimed for high volume production with lower quality so it was difficult to find suitable candidates for our niche. After careful testing and assessment, we have now collaborated with a boutique manufacturer based in Switzerland/Thailand that focuses on low volume and high quality production with exceptional results. The products we are now able to create are of a standard that we are proud of.

We decided to utilise a factory direct business model. When you order products from us, we build your goods to order and then ship directly to you. Lower volumes and products crafted by experienced tailors with attention to detail. This gave us full control over quality and design. Our exclusive retail point is our online store. You will not find genuine 1SELF™ products anywhere else. This also helped us reduce costs and ultimately allow our customers to get better value. We have eliminated costly distribution networks that do not add value. 

We have learned a lot on the way and strive to continually develop and offer the best goods that we can create. With the support of our customers we hope to continue our story and develop products that challenge that status quo. 

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