What's in a 1SELF Motorcycle Jacket?

Today I wanted to talk in detail about the features of the 1SELF Genesys jacket. We have put a lot of thought and detail into this piece. We hope you appreciate them as a rider! Below are listed some of the key features.


Our armour supplier is KNOX. This UK based company produces high quality body protection components. The protectors we use in our jackets are made from flexible PU with excellent energy absorbing performance.

Engineered in a 3 dimensional form and are soft, flexible and comfortable.
The finish on both sides of the armour are smooth to defend against those annoying edges you can feel in some lower end armour. They also feature 2 hinge points to aid movement. Fully vented for breathability.

Colour – Black
CE approved to EN1621 – 1 – 2012 L1 for limbs.

Kangaroo leather

Kangaroo leather is weight for weight the strongest leather available. Its structure consists of highly organised main fibre bundles, which have a secondary supporting mesh. Combined with low angle of weave, low fat content and a very thin grain layer this provides superior strength against leathers from other raw material types at similar thicknesses. If you watch MotoGP, the riders are likely wearing one piece suits constructed with Kangaroo leather.

Kangaroo leather features

Naturally thin, kangaroo leather retains all it strength where other raw material types require heavy splitting and shaving which significantly reduces physical performance.

Our kangaroo leather has some additional treatments with the rider in mind:


Developed for military and outdoor footwear Aquashield provides water resistance whilst maintaining high levels of breathability and enhanced moisture management properties. Under extreme conditions there is less than 10% uptake of moisture.


Duratek is a novel nano-technology that provides high abrasion resistance. It bonds permanently to the leather to enhance the life of the product and yet does not affect colour, performance, softness or feel.


Black leather now reflects UV rays as easily as white leather. KOOL is a clever piece of bio-mimicry that enables black leather to reflect solar heat and stay cooler due to a lower surface temperature.


A revolutionary anti-microbial that prevents odour and disease causing microbes from building up on the leather. Microblok will withstand repeated washing and provide permanent freshness.


For lasting fire protection this novel chemical treatment is designed to react with the collagen deep within the leather fibres. Phoenix only activates in the event of a fire so the leather maintains a natural look and feel.

We only use leather that is harvested in an ethical and sustainable manner by Packer Leather Australia. 

Kevlar stretch fabric

We use stretch panels on the rear of the collar and inner arms to allow for comfortable movement while riding. The stretch material is backed with Kevlar lining that allows this normally weak area to be highly resistant to abrasion.


This fabric is used on some highlight areas of our jacket. Namely, the shoulders and upper arm. As well as adding some texture to our garments, the fabric is a very unique and innovative technology. 


The fabric is a combination of a backing fabric with a printed ceramic armour. With abrasion resistance higher than leather, it not only looks good, it adds an extra layer of protection. The flexible backing and printed armour pattern with spacing allows the fabric to be comfortable.

YKK Zippers

We only use heavy duty YKK zippers on our garments. YKK Nylon zippers give a good feel and reliability that you expect from this leading Japanese zip manufacturer.

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