About 1SELF

About 1SELF


Our Philosophy

“If you do something, do it right”

Beauty and function, imagination and practicality. These polarities are constantly competing.

Our aim is to arrive at a good balance with genuine intention. This is what we consider 'right'.


"Did it right? Now do it better"

There is always room for improvement in everything we do.

We aim for incremental improvements over time.

In the long run, we believe this will leave us standing in a good place.


About 1SELF



one-self   /wənˈself/

a person's own self.

used to emphasize that one does something individually or unaided.

We embrace a 'do it yourself' mentality. If you want something, don't wait, create it yourself.



1SELF was spawned from the simple desire to create things. We harness our passion for engineering, design and art to produce functional and purposeful pieces. 

Conceived in 2010, we are a young brand that strives to produce high quality motorcycle gear and accessories.

Our goal is to continually push ourselves to develop and shift our motorcycle apparel to a higher level.


Growing up as passionate motorcyclists, we have collected a vast amount of experience as riders and consumers.

We have trialled many styles of riding and brands of gear. We have learned what we prefer in terms of functionality, quality, style, and of course safety.

Safety could never be compromised. We make garments for a specific purpose.

We have engineered our goods to utilise only the best materials and techniques for performance and protection. 


With the support of our customers we hope to continue our story and develop more products built on passion. Thanks for taking the time to visit us.