Jacket Specs


As riders we understand the needs of other riders. This jacket, primarily created for road riding, has been designed with comfort, safety and aesthetics in mind. 

With a clean and minimal facade, our jacket was not intended for a particular market. We wanted to create a design for all motorcyclists. It is not pigeon holed and defined by one style which we believe is what makes it unique. Whether you enjoy a sports, cruiser, vintage or touring motorcycle, this piece is versatile and applicable.



All of our jackets are made to order at our partner studio based in Switzerland and Thailand. Working with our small but experienced manufacturer allows us to pay more attention to detail and focus on quality.

Our production volumes are significantly lower than other brands, this allows our seamstresses to take time and care for each garment produced. Quality standards are checked at multiple points and products only pass once it meets 1SELF's criteria. 



Safety could not be compromised. We aimed to make it as durable and protective as possible. This garment features some of the best protection available on the market. Knox™ provides elbow, shoulder and back CE rated armour. The Flexiform PLUS technology allows the armour to be flexible and comfortable during normal use yet absorb energy during impact when required.

Safety stitched seams are in all critical areas. This protects the garment from 'blow outs' in the event of a slide. In simple terms, the jacket will not fall apart even if the outer seams are compromised due to the hidden secondary seams protected by leather.

SuperFabric® is utilised on highlight areas of our garment's sleeves. This new fabric has an even higher abrasion resistance than kanagroo leather used on our pieces. Printed armour plates provide a flexible barrier from abrasion, scuffs, and scrapes. The breathable fabric adds a unique look and additional protection.

Full grain kangaroo leather is used to construct the entire outer. It is 'weight for weight' the strongest and lightest leather available. The natural fibres allow for breath-ability as well as permanent water resistance. 

We only use ethically sourced sustainable kangaroo leather from Packer Leather™. 


More Features:

Developed for military and outdoor footwear Aquashield provides water resistance whilst maintaining high levels of breathability and enhanced moisture management properties. Under extreme conditions there is less than 10% uptake of moisture.


Duratek is a novel nano-technology that provides high abrasion resistance. It bonds permanently to the leather to enhance the life of the product and yet does not affect colour, performance, softness or feel.


Black leather now reflects UV rays as easily as white leather. KOOL is a clever piece of bio-mimicry that enables black leather to reflect solar heat and stay cooler due to a lower surface temperature.


A revolutionary anti-microbial that prevents odour and disease causing microbes from building up on the leather. Microblok will withstand repeated washing and provide permanent freshness.


For lasting fire protection this novel chemical treatment is designed to react with the collagen deep within the leather fibres. Phoenix only activates in the event of a fire so the leather maintains a natural look and feel.